Lodging staff has several new employee rights to protect


Workers in the hospitality and lodging industry in California will likely benefit from the newest regulations to protect their health and safety. Employee rights are affected by new laws related to immigration enforcement, minimum wages and training to recognize signs of human trafficking. Only employees who know their rights can make sure they are not violated.

The Standards Board of the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has approved measures by which employers in the lodging industry will have to take steps to prevent injuries to housekeepers. The Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention standard will require employers to provide specific protection against injuries. These will include mops with extendable handles, devices to ease the process of making beds, and more.

Training in identifying injury risks and the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries must be provided. Hotel employees will also be protected from harassment by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, who will need subpoenas or warrants to enter non-public areas of facilities and access to employee records. Further protection will be enjoyed by applicants for jobs at businesses with five or more employees who would not have to disclose information about criminal convictions prior to being offered a position.

Workers in California may also be aware of the increase in minimum wage and the job protection for eligible workers who may take as long as 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave. If any of these employee rights are violated, the worker may discuss the issue with an experienced employment law attorney. A lawyer can examine the circumstances and suggest the most appropriate way to proceed.

Source: northbaybusinessjournal.com, “Hotels face new legislation regarding employees“, Feb. 12, 2018

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