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Does narcissism cause car accidents?

People who drive for their jobs take safety seriously on the road, but unfortunately accidents can still occur due to another driver's negligence. Many of us assume reckless drivers are selfish people, and while many accidents happen because of another driver's honest mistake, our assumptions may be accurate.

Fatal car accidents: 2-trailered big rig fails to yield for car

For big rig operators in California to safely navigate their travels along the busy highways, special skills and constant alertness are essential. Many lives are lost in car accidents that result from the negligence of truckers. Tractor-trailer drivers, for example, must at all times be aware of the full length of their vehicles to ensure they can complete turns before other traffic reaches them.

Car accidents: Hit-and-run crash kills tow truck driver

The California Highway Patrol asked the help of the public in the search for a hit-and-run driver who raced away from a fatal crash on a recent Wednesday. Hit-and-runs in relation to fatal car accidents are treated as felonies. According to a preliminary accident report, the incident occurred in the eastbound lanes of the 91 Freeway.

Car accidents: Suspected DUI driver sends 10 to the hospital

When the negligence of one driver puts the lives of many others on the line, it could have devastating consequences. In many such car accidents, the at-fault driver is suspected of driving while impaired by alcohol. According to a media relations officer of the Los Angeles Police Department, this was the case when a multi-vehicle crash occurred in South Los Angeles on a recent Thursday afternoon.

Car accidents: Melyssa Ford's miraculous escape from death

A well-known celebrity recently survived a horrific crash in California. Few motorists escape death in car accidents that involve collisions with 18-wheelers, due to the difference in size and weight of the two vehicles. Melyssa Ford suffered serious injuries in such a crash, which were described as horrific in a media report.

Car accidents: Harley rider dies when rear-ended by car

The California Highway Patrol is investigating a suspected DUI crash that claimed the life of a motorcyclist. This was just one of many car accidents in which innocent people die as the result of the alleged negligence of others. In this case, the person who died was a 50-year-old Harley Davidson rider from Long Beach.

Car accidents: Crash victim sues Uber and their driver

The financial and physical consequences of crash injuries can be devastating. However, both economic and non-economic damages sustained in car accidents might be recoverable through the California civil justice system. For personal injury lawsuits to be successful, the injured party must prove the negligence of another party. Sometimes, other entities might be named as defendants along with an alleged negligent driver.

Car accidents: Students on vacation die in fiery crash

Four students from another state took a trip to Southern California as a final high school outing before graduation. Sadly, their vacation ended in tragedy when a suspected drunk driver killed three of them. Tragically, many young lives are lost in car accidents during spring break every year.

Car accidents: Impaired drivers kill 3 in 4 weekend crashes

Alcohol and drugs seem to be wreaking havoc on some California roadways. A 10-year-old Los Angeles child recently died in one of four fatal car accidents that occurred in Kings County over one weekend. According to California Highway Patrol, a driver who was under the influence of alcohol crossed over the center line of Highway 41 and crashed into a car with five occupants.

Car accidents: Cross-over driver causes crash that kills 1

California motorists will always be at risk while they travel on the busy roads of the state, even if they avoid dangerous driving habits such as distraction or impairment. The chance of being the victim of the negligence of another driver is always possible. In many circumstances, multi-vehicle car accidents involve only one negligent driver who leaves injured and/or deceased victims in several other vehicles.

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