Dog attack causes workplace injuries at pet boarding facility


The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health reportedly ordered an investigation into an incident that occurred at a pet boarding facility. Apparently, five employees suffered workplace injuries when a dog attacked them on a recent Wednesday. A Cal/OSHA spokesperson says the agency will determine whether the facility violated prescribed safety standards.

Reportedly, one worker was about to walk the dog when it attacked her. Some co-workers rushed to her aid and managed to get her free. The dog then turned on one of the helpers. When their manager tried to help, the dog attacked her, and a fourth worker managed to pry the dog away and restrain it until the arrival of police officers.

According to a police spokesperson, several officers were required to restrain the dog before it was taken into custody by the animal control authority. Reportedly, the manager suffered the most severe injuries, and she remained in the hospital. One of the workers said the manager suffered bites to both her arms and legs, her inner thigh and her stomach.

Along with the trauma and psychological scars caused by such an experience, the workplace injuries that resulted from this dog attack will likely leave lifelong physical scars. Financial help is available through the California workers’ compensation insurance system. An experienced attorney can help to obtain benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages. However, if it can be proved that the dog attack involved gross negligence of the employer or another third party, the injured worker might have grounds to file a personal injury claim in a civil court.

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