Unsafe conditions will always cause workplace injuries


Every workplace in California has safety hazards and unsafe conditions, some of which are unique to the facility or industry, while others are common in most workplaces. It is also true that not all risks can be eliminated, and employers must ensure that safety training is provided to address unmitigated dangers. Workers must be informed of unsafe conditions that could cause workplace injuries.

A significant number of occupational injuries each year involve slips and falls. This is one hazard that exists in almost all workplaces, though good housekeeping can eliminate most dangers. Falls can involve elevated work areas or same-level slips or trips due to wet spots from spills or leaks, uneven surfaces or unanticipated and unmarked steps or elevations in walkways. Randomly placed objects or cluttered workstations can cause trips that could result in catastrophic injuries.

Another common unsafe condition involves pinch points. These could be present wherever machinery operations take place. Unprotected moving or rotating parts pose the highest risk. This type of injury happens when a finger or other body part is caught and pinched between two moving parts, or a moving and a stationary part of a machine. The necessary safeguards must be installed to prevent contact with moving parts because a serious pinch injury can even lead to an amputation.

Victims of workplace injuries, whether caused by unsafe conditions or not, might feel overwhelmed by the mounting medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, help is available through the state-regulated insurance program. An experienced California workers’ compensation can guide the injured worker throughout all the ensuing proceedings in pursuit of maximum applicable benefits.

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