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Are you one of the many workers in Los Angeles who struggle to get by on the wages you earn? Have you considered the possibility of your employee rights being violated? There are several ways in which your employer might be holding back money to which you are entitled. Many workers are denied their rightful wages but fail to do anything about it for fear of losing their jobs.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Anthony Choe in Los Angeles believe that no employee should be denied full remuneration for his or her hard work. They are familiar with employers who force employees to work through their breaks or to answer telephones during lunch breaks — all unpaid. Then there are those times when you spend 30 minutes to an hour to prepare for your shift or to clean up at the end of your shift for which you are never paid.

You might even be classified as a salaried employee so the company can avoid paying you overtime while you are, in fact, an hourly employee who is entitled to overtime. Sometimes, employers categorize full-time employees as independent contractors who are ineligible for overtime. These are but some of the ways in which workers are denied full wages.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Anthony Choe in Los Angeles are experienced in dealing with labor violations. During a consultation, they will explain your employee rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as the relevant labor laws in the state of California. An attorney can help you fight for unpaid overtime and other wages to which you are entitled.

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