Johnny Depp accused of violating employee rights


Two security guards recently filed a complaint against the actor, producer and musician, Johnny Depp in a California court. They allege the Pirates of the Caribbean actor violated their employee rights. The two men were appointed by Depp as bodyguards about two years ago after they left the employ of a security company in whose employ they were also his contracted bodyguards.

According to the court documents, both men claim that, although they were employed as security guards, they became personal caretakers of Depp and his children. One of the men says that although his job was to protect the actor’s children, he ended up being the babysitter of Depp’s minor child. Furthermore, they claim they were frequently tasked with driving his vehicles, which often had illegal substances inside.

The bodyguards also assert that they frequently had to protect the actor from his own outrageous behavior. Their own safety was often at risk, and they maintain that they did this out of loyalty to Depp. However, both plaintiffs allege they were never paid any overtime since they became Depp’s employees in 2016, nor were they allowed rest and meal breaks as prescribed by labor laws.

California workers whose employee rights are being violated have the right to take legal action, regardless of who their employers are. An experienced employment law attorney can assess the circumstances and determine the viability of such a claim before proceeding. It sufficient grounds exist, the lawyer can navigate the ensuing legal proceedings with a goal of obtaining full compensation for unpaid overtime and other losses.

Source:, “Johnny Depp Sued By Security Guards Over Unpaid Wages”, May 3, 2018

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